Rent a bike in New City

The Warsaw office New City extended its offer for bicyclists by a new parking machine, which is one of the first such devices in Poland and in the world. The parking machine for bicyclists enables rental of bikes.

Cycling is the future. The number of bicyclists in Warsaw has increased by three times within last five years. We believe that the bigger access to bicycles, the bigger number of people using them as an alternative way for transport. Such approach is the first step to change your means of transport from a four-wheel to two-wheel vehicle – says Tomasz Sasin, Sustainability Manager of Hines Poland.


The parking machine for bicyclists in New City is an effect of cooperation between the manager of the building – Hines – and Bike2Box, which is the initiator of the service called #PRZESIADKA. The machine is available for all tenants of the building. Every first 90 minutes of driving are free, and then the daily rate amounts to 13.50 zlotys. It is a cost of a coffee from the high-street shop. Bikes can be rented for maximum 3 days. The process of booking is really simple – all you have to do is to send SMS; the payoff is cashless after registration on the website – explains Radosław Kozubski from Bike2Box. #PRZESIADKA is a kind of service for all employees of New City, who only have to register themselves on the website


Parking machine for bicyclists in New City is the first such solution in Poland and one of the first solutions in the world. The standard machine is to offer 6 bicycles with a trunk for carrying small packages. The chain was replaced with a belt to eliminate the chance of smudging or destroying your pants. Each bike is a modern and design vehicle of the Strida brand. It is easy to use and drive. It will certainly attract attention during both driving, assembling and unfolding. Thanks to its compact form, it constitutes means of transport similar to public transport and it can be a complementation of every travel. You can use it to go to the bus, tram or metro, travel several stops by public communication and then continue your travel by bike. You can even take it to the board of a plane as a hand luggage – says Radosław Kozubski.


Each module has 6 bikes and the biggest profits are obtained by placing 4 modules on 1 parking place: thus we replace 1 car with 24 bikes. The service #PRZESIADKA operates in accordance with the principle of full fleet management, which is known on the market. Moreover, the costs of service and all exploitation fees are paid within a monthly rent – explains Radosław Kozubski.


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