Schüco is awarded Cradle to Cradle

Intelligent building envelope with windows and sunshades by Schüco (pic Schüco)
Three solutions proposed by Schüco were awarded the silver certificate Cradle to Cradle. This certificate confirms that they are fully environment-friendly in accordance with the principle of renewable product lifecycle.

Eco-friendly solutions based on the principle of renewable product lifecycle are such solutions which can be almost totally recycled for production of new high quality products. The Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) headquartered in Hamburg surveyed three products of Schüco: FWS 50+.SI façade and windows of the series AWS 75.SI+ and AWS 65 NL. All tests were conducted in accordance with the current standard of C2C and they showed that these solutions meet standards of the assessment in 95 per cent. The certification procedure concerns the degree of harmfulness of used materials for both the human and the environment due to toxicology and recyclability of not only biological but also technological cycle, water and energy consumption in production process as well as maintenance of principles of social responsibility and biodiversity.


The modern environmental and economic problems are the increasing scarcity of natural resources as well as the increasing amount of waste. Therefore, quality and value of buildings more and more often depend on their environmental profile. The bigger amount of recycled materials from which a certain building was made, the bigger its market attractiveness.


The Cradle to Cradle certificate constitutes a new approach to ecological effectiveness of a product. It is based on the concept devised by Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart and Wiliam McDonough, which envisages flow of products "from cradle to cradle". Materials used in the production process can be introduced to the ecosystem or they can be technologically processed, which means that their value can be maintained, within such ecologically effective cycle. Ecologically effective product is such a product that is designed to be useful for recycling from the very beginning and that enables renewable waste recycling of raw materials with as little energy consumption as possible.   


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