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The highest buildings in Polish cities (source: Walter Herz)
The highest buildings in Polish cities (source: Walter Herz)
The list of the highest buildings in Poland is regularly expanded by new structures, whereas the offer of the office market is becoming more and more differentiated and attractive. We would like to present you the highest offices in Polish cities.

The highest building in Poland is the 237-meter-high Palace of Culture and Science, which was founded in 1955 in Warsaw. The highest office, in turn, is Warsaw Spire of the total height amounting to 220 m. What are the highest buildings in other cities of Poland? The experts of Walter Herz prepared a list presenting the highest offices.


Sky Tower is the highest building in Wrocław. The 212-meter-high structure offers office and commercial areas as well as apartments. It was commissioned in 2013 and it is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Poland. The total area of the building amounts to ca. 171 thousand sq. m. The tower is the highest building in Poland in terms of height of the roof. The highest overlook in the country is situated on the 49th floor and it constitutes a touristic attraction of Wrocław.


The 180-meter-high tower Olivia Star is currently being realized in Gdańsk and it will be the record-breaking high office in Tricity, which is to dethrone the highest building Organika Trade (98 m) founded in 1980. Olivia Star is to offer office and service space on 35 floors and a public terrace, which will be placed on the height of 150 m. It will be one out of 3 buildings in Poland with a three-shaft wholly glazed facade and natural ventilation with fresh air, thanks to adjustable elements of elevation. The high-rise building, which is to offer 46 thousand sq. m, is being realized within the complex Olivia Business Center. The building is to be commissioned in 2017.


The highest structure in Gdynia is Sea Towers. The towers are placed a dozen or so meters away from the coastline of the Gdańsk Bay. They offer exclusive apartments as well as office and service areas. The higher tower has 38 tiers and – together with the antenna mast – it is almost 142-meter-high, whereas the lower tower has 29 tiers. This investment was completed in 2009.

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