Echo plans to return Browary Warszawskie to the capital

Office part - Browary Warszawskie
Office part - Browary Warszawskie (visualization)
Echo Investment starts a new major project in Warsaw, that is Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries). The investment is to constitute a complex of several apartment and office buildings as well as public space, where the historical structures are to revive.

Echo Investment made a decision about creating space where users could find all what they need to every-day functioning. It is to be realized in the city block of Grzybowska-Wronia-Chłodna-Krochmalna Streets in the Warsaw's Wola district.


We are returning Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries) to the capital in a completely new form after many years. Such investment definitely requires experience and courage, thus – as the leader on the Polish real estate market – we decided to take up this challenge – says Nicklas Lindberg, Chairman of the Management Board of Echo Investment.


Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries) is an investment which is to deliver 100 000 sq. m of space, 50 000 sq. m of offices and 1000 apartments to the market. It will be a vibrant place, where everyone could live, work, do shopping and entertain. Additionally, these functions are to be offered in one place – adds Nicklas Lindberg, Chairman of the Management Board of Echo Investment.


Both residential and relaxation functions of Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries) are to refer to the former history of Warsaw’s Wola, which had been a district of orchards and gardens before it transformed into industrial and office coal-mining areas. From the moment of its foundation in 1846, Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries) used to always attract investors and leaders, e.g. new owners of the company and representatives of the families such as Schiele and Haberbusch. It is a place where innovative technologies were introduced, e.g. steam engines and laboratory approach to the production of the golden beverage. It is also a place where modern marketing tools as branding were invented; the owners of Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries) initiated the trend, which is known today as social responsibility of business: they were the first investors who introduced paid leaves, health care and company kindergartens, and all employees could benefit from decent and larger-than-average incomes. The families of Schiele and Haberbusch, also known as patrons of the art, were also actively supporting culture. Just like in the past, the new Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries) investment is to constitute the ‘space for leaders’, that is space for the leaders of changes by offering them the best space for living and working, where their cultural, artistic, entertainment and culinary needs are to be met – adds Nicklas Lindberg.       


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