JLL with the largest office in Europe

New office - JLL
As a target, JLL is to occupy 13 700 sq. m on nine floors of Warsaw Spire. It is to be the largest office of the company in Europe. JLL plans to consolidate all its business lines in one location in Warsaw. We present the 27th and 28th floors of the office owned by JLL.

We made a decision on extending space in the Warsaw Spire office complex due to dynamic development of JLL in Poland. As a target, we are to occupy 13 700 sq. m. In effect, it will be the largest office of JLL in Europe in one location, which means that Poland is one of the key places for development in this part of the world – says Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director of JLL in Poland.


The new registered office will be the largest office of JLL due to its size in Europe. It will occupy nine tiers (25th-30th and 32nd-34th) in Warsaw Spire, that is 13 700 sq. m in total. Employees of consulting business of JLL moved into the new registered office on 29th and 30th floors in May this year, whereas a part of the EMEA Center of Excellence (EMEA CoE) team, that is employees of Center for Corporation Services, moved into 27th and 28th floors in August this year. Employees of the remaining teams of EMEA Center of Excellence: Grupy Usług Finansowych (Financial Services Group) and IFM (Integrated Facilities Management) are going to move into the building by the end of this year. EMEA CoE is to occupy 6.5 of the floor, as a target. Moreover, Tétris is to move into Warsaw Spire within the next stage. Jointly, there will be ca. 1000 employees hired in all business lines in the new registered office of JLL.


The consolidation of all services offered by JLL to the European clients in one location is not only an operational facilitation. First and foremost, our clients can count on even more complex services thanks to the easier flow of knowledge between teams. I am convinced that our employees – no matter of their business line – are to appreciate Warsaw Spire as a unique place against other office buildings – says Joanna Gajewska-Sokołowska, Operational Director of JLL EMEA Center of Excellence.


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