How Poland attracts investors?

Warsaw office real estate market, pic Walter Herz (press materials)
Warsaw office real estate market, pic Walter Herz (press materials)
Why the office market in Poland arouse investors' interest? According to the report published by the Walter Herz consulting company, Poland is attractive in terms of good economic rates. A good assessment of investors is translated into growth of the commercial property market.

Poland attracts investors mainly in terms of good economic rates as well as stable economic situation against other European countries. Other factors are: quickly developing office resources, reasonable rent rates and well-educated personnel.


The experts of Walter Herz enumerate the following economic factors: GDP rate, which maintains at the level of 3.6 per cent, low level of inflation, decreasing unemployment and stable situation of the country due to affiliation to many international organizations, including the European Union, NATO, OECD, Schengen Area and WTO.


A good assessment of investors is translated into quick development of commercial properties on the Polish market. It is worth mentioning that particularly good results are noticeable on the office market, which is currently recording the highest increase for the first time in its history. According to the estimates by the analysts of Walter Herz, there are ca. 600 000 sq. m under construction in Warsaw and ca. 850 000 sq. m in eight largest regional cities. The resources of modern office areas in the largest cities amount to more than 8.6 million sq. m in total. Thereby, all companies which invest in Poland can easily find a place for their headquarters.


A number of centers offering a well-developed city infrastructure enable high development of the office sector in Poland. The experts of Walter Herz point out that the access to international airports in Poland is provided in 17 agglomerations. Additionally, Special Economic Zones constitute a great incentive for starting a business activity in Poland.


Macro- and microeconomic factors especially attract numerous companies from the sector of modern services for business to Poland. According to data of ABSL, there are almost 950 BPO, IT, SSC and R&D centers in 40 cities across Poland, which hire ca. 220 thousand of people; more than 50 thousand people are employed in the sector companies in Krakow and this particular city constitutes the biggest center of business services in Central and Eastern Europe.


Developers initiate new investments in response to such a high demand. According to the prognoses of Walter Herz, the capital market is to be enriched by a record-breaking quantity this year, that is 450 000 sq. m of new office areas, and the supply of offices in Warsaw is to exceed 5.1 million sq. m in total.


The experts of Walter Herz seek opportunities for development of the Polish office market in such phenomena as Brexit. Additionally, some companies consider relocation to continental Europe, including Poland.


Poland is eagerly chosen by foreign investors, who locate their capital on the commercial property market. The value of investment transactions in Central and Eastern Europe in the first six months of 2016 amounts to ca. 5.1 billion euro, more than 2 billion euro of which concern Poland.


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