Tiramisu – third part

Silesia Business Park
Silesia Business Park
Silesia Business Park in Katowice is an office complex, colloquially known as “Tiramisu”. Skanska has already gained a use permit for the third building. As the office park extends, the number of employees increases, for whom integration workshops are organized.

Silesia Business Park complex is to be composed of four office towers as a target. However, it has already gained lease contracts for more than 23 000 sq. m. These buildings are placed on the area of the former Baildon Steelworks.


We have commissioned three towers of Silesia Business Park within last two years. According to the plan, each new stage was launched with the progressing commercialization of the previous building. At present, more than 3100 people from different companies and industries work in the buildings. An attractive space where known and global brands run their operations and employees spend their free time after work was created in place of the former undeveloped area – comments Mariusz Krzak, Regional Director of Skanska Property Poland.


The society of employees in Silesia Business Park has increased to 3100 people within last two years. A good way for integration are e.g. gastronomic workshops organized by Skanska in cooperation with BioBazar. Our employees eagerly participate in extra educational activities and they join such initiatives thanks to which they can help others – says Karolina Długosz, CSR Manager of Capgemini Poland.


The employees of Silesia Business Park could participate in the game devoted to eco solutions in the building last month within the week of green education. Additionally, Skanska opened a gym in the open air next to the buildings within healthy life style for tenants in September this year.


Silesia Business Park complex is to be composed of four twin office buildings as a target with the lease area of each of them amounting to 12 000 sq. m. The elevation of each building has 25 stripes: 13 back, 5 golden and 8 white. Thanks to a characteristic façade, the complex gained an unofficial name – “tiramisu”. The architectural project of the complex was devised in the Medusa Group studio and the general contractor is Skanska SA. Skanska Property Poland is responsible for commercialization of space.


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