Alchemia – third phase attracts new tenants

3rd phase of Alchemia in Gdańsk - visualization
The Polish department of Lufthansa Systems rented nearly 5000 sq. m in Argon. It is to move its registered office from the other building in the city. The removal is to provide the company with an opportunity of further expansion in the work environment of a high standard.

Lufthansa Systems owns its registered office in Frankfurt/Main (Raunheim) and it specializes in servicing of more than 300 clients of the aircraft industry. The company has been present on the Polish market since 1998 and it hires over 550 experts in Gdańsk (mainly of the IT and the aircraft industry). Lufthansa Systems Poland is also a deliverer of software for the entities of the financial and logistic sector. The further development plans and the need to provide high functional and technical requirements were the effect of removing the headquarters to Alchemia in Gdańsk. Lufthansa Systems Poland was represented by CBRE during the negotiations.


The change of a headquarters in Poland is the next stage in development of our company, which is characterized by dynamic growth and introduction of new advanced services and business competences. We would like to provide our experts with the highest comfort of work and optimal conditions to development. The new office in Alchemia is to allow us to create a modern, varied and inspiring space for work. We also care about facilitation of communication processes and sharing with knowledge – on spot in Gdańsk and within the global network of entities which cooperate with each other – says dr Ireneusz Zalewski, Chairman of the Board of Lufthansa Systems Poland.  


Argon is the third phase of the mixed-use Alchemia complex in Gdańsk. It is situated at the crossroads of Grunwaldzka Avenue (the main thoroughfare in Tricity) and Kołobrzeska Street. The building has 14 aboveground tiers and it is of the shape of the letter H. Its total rentable area amounts to nearly 39 000 sq. m. 

Argon is to be characterized by a pedestrian commercial and retail passage with elements of small architecture and the characteristic “lantern”, that is an effectively lightened corner of the building which is devoid of bolections and other metal elements.

The commissioning of Argon is planned on September 2017. One of the first tenants of the building, which is to move into its new office that particular month, is to be Lufthansa Systems Poland.


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