EPAM rents space in O3

O3 Business Campus in Krakow
O3 Business Campus in Krakow
EPAM, a company which belongs to the global leaders in the area of software engineering, moved into O3 Business Campus. The company rented nearly 3500 sq. m of office space in the office realized by Echo Investment in Krakow.

EPAM specializes in devising IT solutions for leading brands of such sectors as: finances, e-commerce, media, hi-tech, or tourism. EPAM has its own Polish departments in Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice and Warsaw. They were mainly established to service big global clients and to implement ambitious development plans of the company. As a target, EPAM is planning to hire ca. 2000 people in Poland.


The clients of EPAM are various companies of the IT sector from all over the world. We are pleased that the international leader of the industry of modern technologies chose O3 Business Campus for its new headquarters. Our office is a perfect example of a project which offers modern and functional solutions appreciated not only by companies but also by the most talented professionals who search for development in the IT industry – says Joanna Nicińska, Regional Director for Lease in the Department of Offices and Hotels, Echo Investment.


CBRE advised CBRE within the integrated services delivered by the company in the lease process. We are proud that CBRE can comprehensively support development of EPAM in the whole country. It is the second location of this company in Krakow; the first office is situated in Quattro Business Park. By choosing the business park O3 Business Campus located in close proximity to the first office, EPAM can freely develop its company in one location in further years. The envisaged expansion of EPAM was meticulously planned in correlation with the extension of the office complex O3 Business Campus – says Rafał Sękowski, Senior Negotiatior, Advisory and Transaction Services, Department of Office Areas, CBRE.


O3 Business Campus is a modern office park in Krakow. It is being erected in the district Prądnik Biały at the crossroads of Opolska Street and 29 listopada Avenue. The investment comprises three 12-tier office buildings, which offer 58 000 sq. m in total.


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