CA IMMO – two entirely rented buildings

Saski Crescent
Saski Crescent
CA IMMO completed the year 2016 with the signage of the agreements, which resulted in 100 per cent of lease by Saski Crescent and Wspólna 47/49 as well as the renegotiations in Warsaw Towers.

Atos is an international leader of the IT industry, which has been renting 2500 sq. m in Saski Crescent, however, the company has recently made a decision about extending its registered office by 1670 sq. m. The new offices in Saski Crescent are owned by Chubb and Duda Holding; Chubb is a company which specializes in property and personal insurances, whereas Duda Holding is a company which manages partnerships operating in many business areas such as investments, finances, motor industry, properties and industry. Both tenants are going to stay at Królewskiej Street for the next 5 years. The signage of the mentioned agreements caused that the building is currently entirely rented – says Kamila Piekarska, Asset Manager, CA IMMO.


The other renegotiations concern Covance, which is an international corporation operating in the industry of development of medical products. The company specializes in clinic surveys. It extended the foregoing lease contract in Wspólna 47/49. The tenant has been present in this building since 2001 and it is to occupy two additional floors of the total size amounting to 1370 sq. m for the next 5 years. 


Furthermore, CA IMMO signed an agreement about the extension of lease with the recruitment company Grafton. It extended the foregoing office and moved 8 floors higher in Warsaw Towers at Sienna Street. The size of the new headquarters of the company amounts to 560 sq. m.


The portfolio of CA IMMO includes the following buildings: Warsaw Towers, Bitwy Warszawskiej Business Center, Saski Crescent, Saski Point, Sienna Center and Wspólna 47/49 in Warsaw as well as Avia in Krakow. CA IMMO manages more than 100 000 sq. m of office areas in Poland. 


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