Skanska builds Nowy Targ

Nowy Targ - visualization
Skanska started its newest investment in the city center of Wrocław. Nowy Targ is to combine modernity with the past.

Skanska has just started building of a new office, that is Nowy Targ. The name refers to the public square – Nowy Targ – which is situated in close proximity to the building and which used to be a merchant point of the city. The investment will revive the surroundings and it will become a place where all inhabitants could participate in different events organized on the public square. This 7-tier office building will deliver nearly 22 000 sq. m of space for business to the market in Wrocław as well as even 2.5 thousand work places. Moreover, there will be cafes and service premises located on the ground floor. The commissioning of the investment is envisaged at the turn of Q2 and Q3 2019.

Our investment will be a comfortable work place, where great potential and opportunities of this peculiar location in the city center will be perfectly exposed. While designing this modern office investment, we would like to use our foregoing experience from Wrocław and other cities where we have always looked for a dialogue with space around an office building. In this case it will be a special place where two worlds are going to be combined: the historical world with the modern world. The inhabitants used to meet on the marketplace and today it will be a perfect location for business, where there will be also an opportunity of spending free time after work. It is going to be a new version of Nowy Targ – says Mariusz Krzak, Regional Director of Skanska Property Poland.

There will be terraces with the view of the panorama of the city on the last floors. We wanted to distinguish the building with big-city architecture of a good scale adjusted to the surroundings, which is extremely important in such a demanding location. We hope that living ground floors with numerous shops and services available for inhabitants after working hours will have a positive impact on revival of public space around the building. Moreover, we wanted to create such a model which “gives something to the city” – says Zbigniew Maćków, Main Designer of the investment, Maćków Pracownia Projektowa.

Nowy Targ is being realized in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The investment will be awarded LEED at the Platinum level as well as “Obiekt bez Barier” (“Building with no Barriers”) certificate.


Nowy Targ:

  • total leasable space: 22 000 sq. m;
  • 7 aboveground tiers and 2 underground tiers;
  • 188 parking spaces;
  • completion: Q2-Q3 2019;
  • two certificates: LEED Platinum and “Obiekt bez Barier” (“Building with no Barriers”);
  • general contractor: Skanska SA;
  • author of the architectural design: Maćków Pracownia Projektowa.


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