14-storey Office Building Situated In Wrocław

For several years now, the vision of a new skyscraper situated at the intersection of Wielka and Powstańców Śląskich Streets has been discussed. The project assumes a new office building executed by i2 Development.

We know the name: Wielka 27

According to the developer, the new office building will be named Wielka 27. The name obviously derives from the address of this property. The inhabitants of Wrocław probably remember that this was a previous location of a pre-war tenement house, a headquarters of the District Employment Office. After demolition, development plans of this plot have been presented several times. The completion of construction works is envisaged for the end of 2022, according to the developer. After a long period of stagnation, the workers have been working at the construction site since December 2019. In effect, the envisaged schedule may be the real date of the commissioning.

Wielka 27: Attractive Address

Wielka 27 is a very attractive address in Wrocław situated in the area that is strongly associated with modern office spaces. The example is the famous Sky Tower office building situated vis-à-vis the new investment.

The architectural design envisages that this new office building will be a very modern and attractive investment. Chamielec Architekci is responsible for the building. – A glazed elevation with rounded corners will make the soaring solid of the building look light, whereas leasable spaces that surround the centrally designed communicational and sanitary facility will be perfectly lighted – says Joanna Janczy, i2 Development, during the talk with the Wroclife website.

Details concerning the interior finishes have not been revealed yet. According to the developer’s plans, however, there will be 600 – 700 sqm of office space on every floor designed in the form of convenient open space for future tenants.


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