Commercial Real Estate Sector Flourishes

Słomińskiego Art Office
Słomińskiego Art Office
The year 2017 turns out to be really favorable to the commercial real estate industry. Many companies can boast about some very good results.

The good example is Kancelaria Brochocki legal office which has recently conducted a dozen or so medium transactions which pertained to over 8000 sq. m of leasable space.

Another new head office was launched by ElektroEko SA in Astrum Business Park. The company has leased 400 sq. m in the office situated at Łopuszańskiej 95 Street.

Holiday Check Poland Sp. z o.o. has leased 230 sq. m in Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage.

Kancelaria Brochocki legal office has mediated in the lease of office premises for Supreme. The company has leased 300 sq. m in Dom Dochodowy situated at Plac Trzech Krzyży 3.

KOTANYI Polonia has made a decision about staying at the foregoing address, that is Bitwy Warszawskiej Business Center. The company has leased 360 sq. m.

Wento has not changed its foregoing office too. The company has made a decision about staying in the head office situated at Wareckiej 11a Street on the area of 350 sq. m.

A new tenant has leased space in INTRACO. Falck Medycyna has occupied 600 sq. m in the office situated at Stawki 2 Street.

The Park Warsaw situated at Krakowiaków 50 Street has become a new head office of Lifemed Poland, which had rented 300 sq. m.

A new tenant has also moved into a boutique office situated at Mazowieckiej 9 Street. 2012 Agency has leased 290 sq. m.

Historical buildings also arouse great interest among tenants. A good example is the building at Nowy Świat 1, where PRC Architekci has leased 200 sq. m.

Cargomind has also found a new head office. The company has leased 180 sq. m in Wiśniowy Business Park.

Kancelaria Brochocki legal office has supported Berlin – Chemie/Menarini Poland Sp. z o.o. in the negotiation of lease conditions concerning ca.1470 sq. m in Słomińskiego Art Office at Słomińskiego 4 Street, to which the company will move in January 2018.

The brokers of Kancelaria Brochocki have concluded three lease contracts pertaining to 4000 sq. m in the recent weeks.


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