Interbiuro Invites for “The Square”

"The Square" - shot action
"The Square" - shot action
“The Square” evoked admiration and amused the audience and the jury during the screening in Cannes. Interbiuro and Gutek Film invite for a pre-premiere screening!

“The Square” is a black comedy directed by Ruben Östlund. The movie is already the fourth full-length plot of this director, which won the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. It represents Sweden in the Oscar 2018 competition.

How to portray the modern world? Ruben Östlund (both director and screenwriter of “The Square”) has done it with the series of comic situations. Did he succeed? Watch the movie and judge it by yourself! You will have a unique occasion to do it soon. The pre-premiere screening of the movie will be held on 14 September this year in the Warsaw Muranów cinema at 8 p.m. E-biurowce is the media patron.

Christian (Claes Bang) is a director at the Museum of Contemporary Art. He has a high social status, he takes care of his daughters and helps the needy people. Christian has recently divorced and he enjoys casual relationships. He pins his hopes on “The Square” installation, however, the maintenance of his carefully cultivated image can be a serious challenge during preparations to the premiere.

What connects a handsome curator at the museum in Stockholm, an American journalist fascinated with him, a young boy who has been wrongly accused of stealing and an artist who pretends to be a monkey? We invite you to Muranów cinema on 14 September to find out the answer! “The Square” will be presented within the pre-premiere screenings organized by Interbiuro and Gutek Film, which are aimed at experts of the real estate industry. The partners of this event are: ESPES and Witkowski.



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