BREMA with a new tenant

BREMA in Katowice has a new tenant. It is a legal office – STATIMA – which specializes in debt collection, factoring and business intelligence.

The group of tenants in BREMA has just been expanded by STATIMA SA legal office. The company has rented over 415 sq. m of office space in the building situated at Rozdzieńskiego Avenue 188H. This is another tenant which has decided to lease office space in BREMA. The investment is a head office of such companies as BPSC SA IT company and MDD.

This new tenant means that our office is commercialized in over 60 per cent. We are also conducting other talks which should be finalized this year – says Michał Dobrowolski, Managing Director of BREMA Development, Katowice.

STATIMA legal office is a joint-stock company which purchases large packages of mass debt portfolios. The company delivers services such as business vindication, mass vindication or restructuring of liabilities. The key tenants of this legal office are: companies fully owned by the Treasury, local authorities, budgetary companies and public companies.

BREMA was commissioned in April this year, that is a year after commencement of construction works. The building has 5 aboveground tiers and 1 underground tier with a car park. The total size of this building amounts to 11 600 sq. m, 6225 sq. m of which are intended for office space. BREMA is currently one of the most interesting investments in Katowice. The building is well-communicated with the whole Silesia region and the infrastructure in its surroundings constantly develops. Rozdzieńskiego Avenue is an address which is more and more often chosen by investors, tenants and big players on the market – says Michał Dobrowolski.


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