Official Opening In Onyx

Onyx Business Point - official opening ceremony
Onyx Business Point has just been officially opened. This is the first such modern office building in Piła.

Our primary goal was to construct a building which would not only fit in perfectly with the development direction of our city but which would also be an additional impulse to execute completely new investments. Onyx Business Point guarantees prestige, comfort and aesthetics within office areas in large cities which have not been available in Piła before – says Wojciech Andrzejewski during the opening ceremony.

Numerous guests were invited for the opening ceremony in Onyx Business Point, including Eligiusz Komarowski, starost in Piła, Piotr Głowski, President of Piła, investment’s executors, architects and local entrepreneurs. The hosts of this event were the owners of this office: Wojciech Andrzejewski and Krzysztof Piwoński.

When the labor market becomes the employee’s, not the employer’s, market, it is highly recommended to look for some additional factors which could motivate employees to take up a job in our companies. In the city where the unemployment rate practically does not exist, it is hard to imagine a better magnet for the best experts than a job offer in such conditions as the ones provided in Onyx. This is not only a theory; our tenants' initial experiences confirm these words – says Wojciech Andrzejewski.

A lot of attractions were prepared for the people who participated in the opening ceremony of this new office. The event was accompanied with the show presented by Czołówka Piekła cabaret (last year’s winner and this year’s laureate of PAKA Cabaret Review). The guests were also entertained by the jazz band, that is Gentle Jazz Trio. What is more, there was an exhibition of works created by local artists on the first floor. The guests could admire selected works and they had an occasion to be patrons of the arts and purchase selected paintings. There were also a ceremonial toast, cake and treat during the opening ceremony.

The participants of the ceremonial opening could visit the entire office building and take several pictures inside the investment as there was a photographer in one of the office premises waiting for them. What aroused great admiration among the visitors was the terrace situated on the office’s roof. The terrace is almost completed and its opening is planned on spring 2018. It will be a relaxation, meeting and working place for the future employees and also a perfect space for different events.

Onyx Business Point is currently partially commercialized. At present, free office cabinet and open space areas are available on the 1st and 2nd floor. There are also service premises at tenants’ disposal on the ground floor. Network tenants, companies which look for large areas and local entrepreneurs who are interested in classy spaces are especially welcomed – says Katarzyna Kanabaj, Manager of this property.

Onyx Business Point is situated in the city center of Piła. The office building offers 2500 sq. m on three tiers in total. The project of this investment was prepared by BOA Archi-Graf. The designer of key interiors was Patrycja Zaczyńska whereas Pil-Building was a general contractor. Onyx is the first such modern office which is situated in the city of Piła on the border of Pomorze Zachodnie and Wielkopolska. This city plays an important role in domestic and international transport due to its location at the intersection of traffic routes. Such factors as location and continuous growth of Piła definitely attract investors from the country and from abroad.


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