Restore prestige with your office

Retro Office House - visualization
Many streets in Polish cities are more and more beautiful year by year. Positive changes also relate to entire districts. Are elegant solids of modern offices one of the ways to restore prestige to such places?

The process of restoring prestige to a street or a district is strongly conditioned. Undoubtedly, if there is to be a new building with interesting architecture in the neighborhood, it will certainly have a positive impact on the image of a given region. Additionally, offices are work places for many people and thus they make that a given street starts to “live”. Not only does the number of people who cross the street increase, but also there are numerous service or retail points, from which employees of nearby offices can benefit. Moreover, developers often care for the neighborhood of a given office, which additionally helps in enhancing the image of a given part of the city.


Retro prestige


Piłsudskiego Street in Wrocław is a good example of a street which constantly changes and becomes more and more beautiful. The transformations started from the moment of renovation of Dworzec Główny railway station, where Retro Office House, a building which is called a step towards the way to restoration of greatness of this street, is located. According to the authors of this project, “Single and successfully operating building is definitely a step towards reviving space” (more: Retro office). Retro Office House was designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates architectural studio. The project was inspired by the Wrocław’s architecture from the beginning of the 20th century.


The City of Piła showpiece


ONYX BUSINESS POINT is currently being erected at the very heart of the city center of Piła. It is the first such modern office building in this city. The area, on which ONYX is situated, was qualified to revitalization program by the resolution of the City Council. This place becomes more and more beautiful every year. Thanks to ONYX, it will have modern looks, for it will be characterized by an elegant form in the surroundings. Additionally, the investor took care about look of the office at night. An incredible visual effect at night was achieved by applying lighting by LED diodes. Moreover, the building is situated in the very strict city center of Piła, in close proximity to Town Hall, Municipal Office, Register Office, Regional Cultural Center, or Police School. Due to location, the office joins the group of buildings which are showpieces of the city. ONYX is therefore a building which constitutes an example of modern development of this area, improving the image of the city center of Piła.


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