"The Big Sick" – Interbiuro Invites For True Love Story

Interbiuro and Gutek Film invite for pre-release of "The Big Sick". The true love story inspired by life will be displayed on November 30, 2017, in Muranów cinema.

"The Big Sick" is a romantic comedy film directed by Michael Showalter, which received very positive reviews. The film stars Kumail Nanjiani (co-writer of this autobiographic story), Zoe Kazan, Ray Romano and Holly Hunter

It is the kind of comedy that people eagerly wait for. Its solutions are not easy, and its path unusual, but it is a love story that completely earns its emotional peaks, and the kind of comedy that makes you wish every single one of them were this great – sums up Consequence of Sound.

Interestingly, it is life which has turned out to be the best inspiration in the case of "The Big Sick". This is an evidence-based love story of humorist and comic actor Kumaila Nanjiani born in Pakistan and American actress Emily Gordon. These two people in love do not care about cultural differences, however, their parents are not so sympathetic about it. Will they destroy their happiness? We invite you to Muranów cinema on November 30, 2017, to find out! "The Big Sick" will be displayed within pre-release screenings organized by Interbiuro and Gutek Film, which are aimed at experts of the real estate industry. The partners of this event are: ESPES and Witkowski.



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