Shades Are Not Just For Summer

Shades in the office (pic ReflexSun)
Can we use shades during winter? Of course we can!

Shades are mainly associated with sun protection. In the spring-summer season, when there are a lot of sunny days, sunbeams can be really disturbing for employees while heating the office premises and reflecting from the screens. As we have already mentioned in the article "Enjoy Sunbeams in Your Office", screen shades, popularly known as refleksols, are really helpful in this matter. They provide access to daylight and protect against overheating of interiors by the sun. Interestingly, they are not only used during the summer season...

Not everyone is aware of the fact that such shades can be also used during winter. While heating the rooms, the so called thermal bridges can appear nearby the window. These are the places where the heat leaves the room. Such space can be really huge in the case of glazed office buildings. If it is not well isolated, the loss in heat can be very substantial.

Refleksols are helpful in this matter too. They are made from Thermic material which has thermo-insulating properties. It means that it protects against the heat from the outside and does not allow it to leave the interior. Hence, screen shades do not only provide pleasant temperatures in the summer season but they are also a perfect idea for protection against cooling the room during winter.


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