New Look of Wrocław Office

Vision Offices
Vision Offices
It is generally known as a “building with crooked windows” by the inhabitants of Wrocław, however, this is going to change soon. Apart from the name, the outward appearance will be also changed. The office will have new coloring as well as modern identification system of buildings and new tenants.

Legnicka Park Popowice is a building situated at Legnickiej 55 Street which is going to be renamed for Vision Offices. This investment is one of the most recognizable office buildings in Wrocław. It is because of its unique elevation and the so called "crooked windows". The new project of elevation consists in change of coloring for white, gray and pewter and unification of system for visualization of tenant’s logotypes. There will be an advertising zone above the commercial premises and illuminated pylons on both tops of the building. The culmination of this project will be the raising of the western elevation with the lighted name and logo of Vision Offices.

Agnieszka Florczuk, PropertyView (responsible for building management and lease coordination since the beginning of this year), mentions that attractiveness of this project has significantly increased with the unique offer for tenants. The building is perfect for small companies with only several people but also for larger companies with hundreds of employees. It is because of differentiated offer which includes office module of the size amounting to 40 sq. m and space of the entire available floor amounting to 1400 sq. m.

Vision Offices delivers 7700 sq. m of office space to the market in Wrocław. The commercial space is situated on the ground floor and it occupies 1000 sq. m. Tenants have also 170 parking spaces in the underground garage at their disposal.


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