Kancelaria Brochocki Negotiates 10 000 Square Meters

Kancelaria Brochocki has helped to lease nearly 10 000 sq. m in the first months of 2018.

Kancelaria Brochocki has helped to lease almost 10 000 sq. m since the beginning of 2018. One of the companies that has benefitted from the services of Kancelaria Brochocki is EGIS Poland Sp. z o.o. (company from the consulting industry). It has extended its existing office situated in Horizon Plaza by additional 420 sq. m, where it had previously leased ca. 1400 sq. m. Kancelaria Brochocki has also renegotiated the lease contract for the next years for Pfleiderer Group, which occupies 320 sq. m in Poleczki Park

Eurocentrum Office Complex has gained a new tenant with the help of Kancelaria Brochocki, that is Merlin Group S.A., which has leased an office of the size amounting to 850 sq. m. Kancelaria has also mediated during two transactions for Centrum Królewska. The new tenants are GPRE Management Sp. z o.o. and Fundacja Polska Bezgotówkowa, which have leased 760 sq. m. A modernized office building at Mierosławskiego 11A has also gained a new tenant, that is Bonnier Books Polska, which has leased 450 sq. m. Terumo has leased 250 sq. m in the Wiśniowy Business Park office complex. Kancelaria Brochocki envisages that the first tenants will soon move into Witosa Point. The investment at Idzikowskiego 16 Street will operate as a head office of two companies, which have jointly leased 420 sq. m. Helly Hansen has leased an office space in F2 Boutique at Mangalia. It will occupy 200 sq. m and thus the commercialization process of this building is completed. What's more, two clients of Kancelaria Brochocki have also leased 350 sq. m in Adgar Park West.


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