Cambridge Innovation Center In Two Years’ Time

Varso - Visualization
Varso - Visualization
Varso has found its first tenant, that is Cambridge Innovation Center scientific and technological campus. Warsaw will be the second European city (after Rotterdam) with CIC.

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is an American organization that builds the international chain of campuses supporting growth of companies. One of its departments will be launched in Warsaw in two years’ time. It’ll be located in Varso. CIC leased nearly 14 000 sq. m in the investment that is being carried out by HB Reavis. This scientific and technological campus will occupy ca. 30% of available space in Varso 2 (one out of three). HB Reavis invested 45 million euro in the partnership with CIC. No matter of CIC’s presence in the buildings of HB Reavis, this developer is to build its own co-working platform "HubHub" that operates in Warsaw and Bratislava.

Cambridge Innovation Center was founded in Boston. It creates the so called “innovation societies”, that is campuses dedicated to start-ups, venture capital funds and innovative initiatives of large companies. The entrepreneurs can benefit from educational programs and events. What's more, they have offices, laboratories as well as other scientific and technological infrastructure at their disposal. CIC provided support for nearly 5000 start-ups from the very beginning. There are also numerous projects of leading global technological companies carried out in the campuses of CIC. The cooperation with HB Reavis as a strategic investor and leader of commercial real estate market will allow us for a significant growth acceleration of campuses all over the world. The means obtained from this cooperation will allow to find the best experts who could help us to manage this undertaking in the next expansion phase – says Tim Rowe, Founder and Chairman of the Board of CIC.

The cooperation between HB Reavis and CIC will be related to growth of other markets in the future, including Great Britain, Berlin, Frankfurt and other European cities. HB Reavis has also its place in the management board of CIC. The partnership with Cambridge Innovation Center is a part of a strategy consisting in banding together with the best experts in the field of innovation and creation of working spaces. Our mutual goal is to create exceptional places for companies of different sizes. The Warsaw department of CIC will be the first undertaking that we’re going to carry out together, designed in such a way to create an incentive for further growth of such campuses in Europe – says Marian Herman, Chairman of the Board of HB Reavis.

Varso is currently the largest investment executed in the city center of Warsaw. There will be three buildings in the neighborhood of Dworzec Centralny railway station, including a 310-meter-high skyscraper. As a target, Varso will offer 144 500 sq. m of leasable space. The completion is envisaged for the years 2019-2020.


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