Revitalization of postindustrial area in Warsaw

The old Norblin Factory is to be transformed into a modern office building with commercial space in it.


The old Norblin Factory is to be adapted to the standards of modern office buildings. The revitalization is to concern 11 buildings and 44 machine complexes which are considered historic buildings. They all are to become a part of Otwarte Muzeum Dawnej Fabryki Norblina.  There are many new cafes and boutiques by the cobbled street next to the open space near the factory. According to the project 39 000 sq. meters is to be made into offices (+2 up to +8 levels) and 22 000 sq. meters into commercial space (-1 up to +1 levels).

A „Foundation of Otwarte Muzeum Dawnej Fabryki Norblina” has been established by Art. Noblin Sp. Z.o.o., the investor and the owner of the terrain where Norblin is located. Its purpose is to protect historic monuments the of postindustrial factory.  The project has been designed by PRC Architekci.


This project is the greatest challenge we have come across so far. The difficulties are in every aspect of this project for instance with the underground part of it. The technologies that we have to use have only been used in a few cases of the most spectacular building works in the polish history. – says Igor Galas from PCR Architekci.


Art Noblin is to become a unique place in Warsaw. It is an urban project with a public space fully integrated with the city. Widening of Prosta planned to provide a good access by public transport. Then Prosta St. is to be connected to Lucka St. and to the underground.  2 hectares of the terrain that so fas has remained closed will become a social centre of this district of Warsaw. – says Kinga Nowakowska, the General Director of Art Noblin Sp. Z.o.o.  

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