ECO The world's first skyscraper for planting

The first in the world greenhouse for vertical farming is being built in Linkoping, Sweden.

Plantagon from Sweden implements its own investment, the Plantagon Greenhouse Building. Construction works have began on February and take place in Linköping. Stuttgart also considered construction of the Plantagon Greenhous

Unusual greenhouse is a part of verticular agriculture. The building will be devoted to verticular plant breeding of vegetables in urban area. It will be developed close to regional energy company, Tekniska Verken. The Plantagon developed a design of the greenhouse in collaboration with Sweco. Sweco was responsible for the study of technical systems.

The facility will help to increase the efficiency regarding use of water, waste and energy. It would allow minimize use of ground area and CO2, maximize breeding lighting and reduce costs by elimilating transportation.  

I am immensely proud that Linkoping is the chosen site for the first vertical greenhouse. We will be the first city in the world to test the new technology and the systems involved to develop sustainable agricultural solutions for future cities, said Paul Lindvall, Mayor of Linkoping.

We encourage you to watch the movie with visualizations of investments:

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