A debut of Murapol in the office sector

Murapol - a large polish developer has decided to extend their offer on commercial market.

Although Murapol specializez in the dwelling market they have also had some experience with the commercial market as well. They have shared the office space that has been a part of their investments. Willing to enter the commercial market, Murapol has started their first office building projects.

The developer is about to build Nrodika office complex in Gdansk by Jabłoniowa St. It will be located very near to Orle Gniazdo dwelling complex which is being built by this investor, and the water area with floating islands.The office part will consist of 2  B - class buildings containing commercial parts. There will be service areas on ground floors (from 97 sq. meters ) of those buildings and the rest of the upper storeys will be left for office space (from 42 sq. meters). Tenants will have access to open space type area. On the top of the building there will be a green terrace.

In the second quarter of 2011 Murapol has built Ekskluzywny Biurowiec with glass front facade in the centre of Bielsko-Biala. The company is also responsible for two commercial-office buildings in Wieliczka which are a part of Przy Parku investment.

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