Waterfront II: Vastint Receives A Building Permit

Waterfront II: Projected Office Buildings. Vizualization: press materials by Vastint Poland
Waterfront II: Projected Office Buildings. Vizualization: press materials by Vastint Poland
The construction of the 2nd phase of Waterfront is about to start in Gdynia. Vastint Poland received a building permit for this multi-use complex.

The investment is situated in the close neighborhood of Waszyngtona, Hryniewickiego and Jana Pawła II Streets. There are also Kościuszki Square and Sea Towers skyscrapers in close vicinity. The complex will comprise four buildings with underground garages with the total size of 44 000 sqm. Two of them will be office buildings of the size of 14 500 sqm, and the other two will be intended for 126 residential premises. The beginning of the construction works is envisaged for autumn 2020.

The first phase of this project was commissioned in 2015. It comprises of one office building and one residential building. The existing developments of Waterfront will be extended by an additional 80 000 sqm. As a first step, residential buildings will be executed, and then – office building and other service premises. The important element is a public square that is about to adjoin Kościuszki Square.

Due to scale of this project, its execution will be conducted in stages. Firstly, the fragment of the plot from Hryniewickiego will be executed with the maintained access to the Marriott hotel from Jana Pawła II Street. We are going to search for a general contractor for the next few months. The construction works will probably start in spring 2020. The execution of the buildings from Kościuszki Square will start in an annual delay. We are currently working on the architectural development project of this part of the complex – says Janusz Tybuszewski, Project Manager at Vastint Poland.

The whole investment will be decorated with public greenery to provide an accent to this seaside design. JEMS architectural studio is responsible for the project.


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