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Tork invites you to see how clean - or dirty - your hands really are
Tork invites you to see how clean - or dirty - your hands really are
Global Handwashing Day is a great occasion for Tork to remind us how important it is to increase the awareness about hygiene; knowing why, when, how, and where we wash our hands helps to create a better environment.

Handwashing is one of the easiest and most important methods of fighting with germs. According to the latest research, handwashing makes people happier and healthier; 45% of people are more comfortable with shaking someone else’s hand when knowing than it’d been washed before, whereas 47% of the surveyed declare that they’ll come back to a restaurant where the employees maintain proper hygiene, including handwashing. On the other hand, 60% od the office employees in open space are afraid of hygiene levels at work. 20 % of chest infections (e.g. colds) actually can be avoided by handwashing (When and How to Wash Your Hands. CDC. Centers for Disease Control Prevention). According to data, proper hand hygiene is crucial in all kinds of businesses and many aspects of our life.

Marce Tork, a leading global brand that specializes in hygienic products, cares about health and workplace hygiene. Tork believes in combining the best quality of hygienic products with specialist knowledge or tried and trusted supporting tools. Thanks to an experienced team, proper tools, and innovative ideas, the brand helps its customers to increase hygiene standards in commercial and public facility buildings all over the world. Products of this brand promote the idea of clean hands for all; 78% of towels to Tork Elevation dispensers are packed in Ease Handling packages and all soap dispensers by Tork are awarded the “Easy to handle” certificate, thus they’re easy to use even by people who haven’t strong hands.

On the occasion of Global Handwashing Day, Tork invites you to conduct a test to see how clean - or dirty - your hands really are. The brand prepared an instructional infographic on the importance of handwashing, which graphically helps to introduce the subject of proper hygiene to customers, employees, and people in our closest surroundings.


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