New Office Investment In Gdynia

New Office Investment In Gdynia. Source: press materials by Vastint
New Office Investment In Gdynia. Source: press materials by Vastint
A new office building of the leasable space amounting to 11 400 sqm will erect at Kielecka 2 Street in Gdynia. The commencement of construction works is envisaged for the beginning of this year. They will be completed till half of 2022.

New Office Building In Gdynia: Construction Works In Progress

Vastint Poland is responsible for the execution of the new office investment in Gdynia. The building will be named K2 and it will be situated at the intersection of Kielecka Street and Śląska Street, which is one of the main communicational routes in the city. There are a bus terminal, Fast City Rail stop and shopping mall in the close neighborhood of the investment. K2 will have six tiers. The project refers to the traditions of modernism. The module elevation will be composed of white, longitudinal and round profiles. The totality will bring to mind some vessel architecture, sails and Streamline style (popular in the 1930s).

K2: New Office Space In Gdynia

There will be a modern reception in the lowest aboveground tier of the building, as well as a place for lobby and space for meetings and cooperation. Two underground tiers are to occupy the two-level car park with 136 cars. In the garage hall there will be changing rooms with showers; a facility mainly for bicyclists. Bicycle stands will be placed outside the building.

The innovative office building will meet the requirements of the LEED green certification system. The investment will be executed with the use of eco-friendly technologies allowing for saving electric energy and water.

In effect, space of the size amounting to 11 400 sqm will be delivered to tenants. Functional room setting, modern architectural design, and used solutions are to provide the comfort of use with the emphasis put on the environment.


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