ECO Aleja Pokoju 81: Green Office Building

Aleja Pokoju 81: Green Office Building
Aleja Pokoju 81: Green Office Building
ATAL Business Center is currently executing a modern office building class A in the Krakow Czyżyny district. There will be 8.4 thousand sqm of additional office and service space delivered to the market.

The new investment will have 5 tiers and an underground garage. There will be service and commercial premises on the ground floor of the building as well as a spacious lobby. 7 600 sqm of office space will be intended for lease.

The project of this investment was designed by the architects from the Iliard Architectures & Project Management studio.

The solid of the building constitutes two interpenetrating cuboids in a longitudinal set. The straight-line architectural form, module compartments, dark colors of the aluminum elevation plates and care about architectural details give the solid both consistency and elegance. The area of the investment is not that large; thus, we maximally optimized the design solutions by using differences in the land level. We also suggested an open and naturally ventilated garage erected from the land – says Wojciech Witek, Co-owner of Iliard Architecture & Project Management studio.

The office complex is in close neighborhood to a large and several-stage residential housing estate, which is currently under construction by ATAL. Both investments are designed as a completed whole. This mutual influence makes that one of the office functions is separating the residential space from a loud and busy street. The office is situated at one of the largest and the most important communicational arteries of Krakow. This location will allow for convenient access to work from all directions of the Krakow agglomeration. There are also Tauron Arena, Park Lotnika and shopping malls in a close neighborhood to the building.

The project of the building received a high grade in the BREEAM certification system, which takes many criteria into account. This is one of the most important certificates in Europe (used in 77 countries) and the most often applied system in Poland that confirms the application of green solutions in buildings. ATAL Business Centers received a very high grade, i.e. "Very Good", in the certification system for fulfilling certain requirements in the assessment of the effectiveness of buildings in accordance with BREEAM.

BREEAM assesses the effectiveness of buildings in the following fields:

  • impact on water and air pollution;
  • wildlife protection;
  • CO2 and light energy consumption;
  • water consumption optimization;
  • applied materials with proper green certificates obtained from local and ecologically responsible sources;
  • proper land use;
  • care about the comfort and health of employees and others.

The investment will be completed at the turn of Q1 and QII 2021.

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