Krakow Szkieletor Is To Be Completed In January

Szkieletor, Krakow. Source: Wikipedia
Szkieletor, Krakow. Source: Wikipedia
According to GD&K Group, co-investor of Unity Tower, which is best known to the public as Krakow Szkieletor (Skeleton), the construction works on the shell phase are to be completed in January this year.

The contract between the City and Unity Center, which is comprised of Unity Tower, specifies the possibility to impose sanctions in case of uncompleted works on the main tower by the end of 2019. The term included in the contract has just been exceeded. According to the representatives of GD&K Group, the main reason for delays are weather conditions such as strong wind that made the closure of works at heights, including the installation of elevation panels, impossible.

According to “Gazeta Krakowska”, the executors are trying to complete works as soon as possible, and, in spite of the extended operating time, they are planning to make up for the delays in January.

- As there are no adjacent buildings above 45 m to the investment, it is exposed to wind, which escalates in the wintertime. This means that the installation of the facade is proceeding much slower and it is definitely more time-consuming – says Magdalena Zielińska-Warszawa, GD&K Group.

- Our intention is to make sure that works are in progress and that the executor is fully engaged in the process to complete the installation of the façade as soon as possible. We need to make up for the delay in January. The expiry date is not threatened.

The decision of the City Hall considering the imposition of penalty fixed by the contract has not been revealed yet.

Unity Tower skyscraper is to have 27 aboveground tiers with ca. 16 500 sqm of office space class A. This will be the highest office building in Krakow with a height of 102.5 m. On the 26th floor, there will be the highest situated terrace in the city Unity Eye. The building of the skyscraper started in the 1970s. Due to economic reasons, the investment has not been completed yet. The concepts of developing the building as well as its owners have changed throughout decades and the uncompleted building started functioning under the name of Szkieletor. The construction works continued in 2016.


The investors of the business center are Eurozone Equity and GD&K Group.

DDJM Architectural Studio is responsible for the architectural design.


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