SEGRO Acquires A City Park

On behalf of SEGRO European Logistics Partnership, SEGRO acquired two buildings of the total size amounting to 38 thousand sqm in Wrocław.

SEGRO Business Park Wrocław

SEGRO acquired a city park – SEGRO Business Park Wrocław – from Panattoni Europe. The investment comprises of two buildings of the total size amounting to 38 thousand sqm, 35 thousand sqm of which are intended for warehouse space, whereas 3 thousand sqm – for office space. Both buildings are leased by nine customers mainly from the logistic industry.

What distinguishes the city park is a very good location in the southwest part of Wrocław in the vicinity of the intersection of A4 and A8 highways.

Bożena Krawczyk, Investment Director Central Europe, SEGRO, points out that the city of Wrocław is at the cutting edge of the growing cities in EU thanks to its strategic location between Warsaw, Berlin, and Prague, as well as the fact that it could reach a local customer. Warehouse resources constitute a great asset, too.

Apart from SEGRO Industrial Park Wrocław 2, SEGRO Business Park Wrocław is a new investment of the company in the Lower Silesia region. The enterprise increased its portfolio by acquiring a plot situated in Biskupice Podgórne (17 ha, 75 thousand sqm for building) last year. According to Bożena Krawczyk, the company will continue growth in this region.


City Parks: Ideal Investments

Due to the increasing internet sales, there is a growing demand for logistics operators, transloading platforms, or sales points located close to customers. This has a significant impact on the increased popularity of city parks. Public logistic centers respond to the needs of the last mile.

SEGRO Business Park Wrocław fits the current trends of the warehouse market. The building is located within the city borders, which allows for meetings certain conditions considering solutions for interurban logistics and provides good access to both domestic and foreign markets.


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