Segro Business Park Warsaw new name and new tenant

Ożarów Business Park.has changed its name to Segro Business Park Warsaw. Its new leaseholder is Nikyo Polska company.


SEGRO company has informed about the name change of one of its business parks in Warsaw. From the 1st of october 2012, the current Ożarów Business Park is to be known as Segro Business Park  Warsaw. The new leaseholder in the complex is going to be NikyoPolska, an AGD and RTV equipment ditributor.

The name change is caused by a wider plan for unifying names of all of SEGRO's investments in continental Europe. SEGRO has bought Ożarów Business Park from Endurance Real Estate Estate Fund, managed by Orco Property Poland S.A. The transaction allowed SEGRO to strengthen its position in Warsaw's area and expand its real estate portfolio to 90 000 sqm. of existing stpace.

Nikyo Polska will join the group of Segro Business Park's  Warsaw leaseholders, renting 650 sqm. of office-warehouse area. The transaction was being mediated by DTZ company. Nikyo handles distribution of AGD and RTV equipment and is the exclusive distributor of Evolt brand.

- We're very glad that Nikyo company has joined our Clients. The area has been fully adjusted to the needs of a company, which appreciated the Park's spatial-locational value. By picking SEGRO Business Park Warsaw our Clients recieve modern, well situated space for operating their buisness activity, as well as a service suited for their needs. I'm confident that cooperation with Nikyo company, which I have the pleasure to hereby welcome among Park's leaseholders, will prove long and fruitful - says Waldemar Olejnik, Leasing Manager at SEGRO Poland.

Segro Business Park  Warsaw consists of four buildings with a total area of 36 000 sqm. It is located in immediate neighbourhood of A2 highway, 16 km from Warsaw's city center.

SEGRO company is a developer and manager of modern business areas in Europe. It conducts investments in cities such as: Gdańsk, Gliwice, Ostrawa, Łódź, Poznań, Stryków, Tychy, Warsaw, Wrocław and Prague. SEGRO also possesses the status of Real Estate Investment Trust company and has a portfolio with a value of close to 4.8 billion pounds at its disposal.

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