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Na zdjęciu: realizowany przez Skanska Property Poland Atrium 1 (widok od ul. Grzybowskiej)
Na zdjęciu: realizowany przez Skanska Property Poland Atrium 1 (widok od ul. Grzybowskiej)
Skanska is currently working on 5 office investments which are to deliver 116 000 sq. meters of modern office space.

Two of the buildings that are currently being built are to be located in Warsaw and three of them in regional cities. All  of those buildings will have a LEED certificate.  All Skanska projects built between 2010 and 2011 have cost 155 million EUR.

As an international company, Skanska sees a potential in Middle – Eastern Europe. The fact that we invest in Poland while the world’s economy is so unstable only confirms our faith in this particular market. Due to the fact that we finance all our investments from our own budget we can use our strength and begin new projects despite a changing economic situation. Because of that last year we have started 7 new projects in Middle – Eastern Europe covering 146 000 sq. meters of space, including 5buildings in Poland and we plan to begin 7 new projects of 100 000 sq. meters in this region in 2012. – said Nickolas Lindenberg the CEO of Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Atrium building by Rondo ONZ in Warsaw is to be the showcase building of Skanska. It is to deliver 18 000 sq. meters of modern office space.  Atrium is to be equipped in a real novelty on polish market – a geothermal heating and cooling system that functions without a heat pump. The building works begun in the end of 2011. An effective use of the energy of light is to be provided by a double façade  with external blinds and triple glazing windows.

Green Corner in Warsaw providing 27 000 sq. meters of space is to be another energy efficient building of Skanska.  In other cities Skanska is now building Green Towers (23 100 sq. meters) in Wroclaw, Malta House in Poznan and Green Horizon in Lodz which office space has already been rented in 97% after the first stage of building.

The 2012 will be extraordinarily intense for us  – we are currently working on 5 project, 4 of which we have started in 2011. Three of those projects are being built on regional markets to provide sustainable buildings delivering high quality office space for local companies. – said Waldemar Olbryk the CEO of Skanska Property Poland.

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