IBM rents offices in Gorny and Dolny Slask.

IBM is to open two new regional departments in Dolny and Gorny Slask.

IBM offers various kinds of service: advisory, IT, providing software and IT technologies and systems including selling strategic managing systems. The company is to open its new departments in Katowice by Dabrowskiego 22 street  and in Wroclaw by Strzegomska 52 street. Wroclaw’s department will therefore move to a building by Muchoborska 8 street where Centrum Uslug Informatycznych IBM is located after three months.

IBM is to join the group of companies which produce approximately 14% of polish PKB in this region by developing their activity there. The company has been present in this region almost from the very beginning of their functioning on polish market. IBM has been present in Poland for over 20 years.

New technologies sector is the future of the economy. IBM’s development in this region indicates, that it may be an interesting area which attracts large companies. We are convinced that IBM will find opportunities to fulfill innovative projects. – says Adam Matusiewicz the Marshal of Wojewodztwo Slaskie.

New investments, especially of such a large international company, is not only a benefit for the city that would enhance our local economy. It is also something to be proud of and a prize for our efforts to create a good grounds for business in the area. I am convinced that further cooperation with IBM will be equally productive. – says Piotr Uszok, the President of Katowice.

IBM departments in Katowice and Wroclaw are to be responsible for comprehensive customer service and delivering business and infrastructural IT solutions for Gorny and then Dolny Slask.

IBM has established cooperation with Gornoslaska Wyzsza Szkola Handlowa and students’ Forum Informatyczne, which is to develop students’ practical skills and enhance their studies in IT. In Dolny Slask IBM along with Politechnika Wroclawska organize cloud computing practices. 500 students have already been through the practice.

The decision of IBM has been commented on by the  authorities of Wroclaw and Wojewodztwo Dolnoslaskie:
We are glad that IBM has decided to expand their activity in Dolny Slask because it confirms the attractiveness of investing in the region. I am convinced that the company’s actions will contribute to the development of modern technologies and IT service – says Aleksander Skorupa the Governor of Wojewodztwo Dolnoslaskie.

We try to create conditions as good as possible for investments in Wroclaw. I’m glad that IBM has chosen Wroclaw again and it expands its presence here because it proves that business can be well developed here.- says Rafal Dutkiewicz, the President of Wroclaw.

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