.KTW I: Vacancies In Katowice

.KTW I Katowice, source: partner's press materials
.KTW I Katowice, source: partner's press materials
Sii Poland leased 3 thousand sqm at .KTW I, an office building situated in Katowice.

.KTW I, an office building situated in the city center of Katowice, is almost totally leased. The lease contract has just been signed by Sii Poland, which is going to occupy 3 thousand sqm. According to TDJ Estate, a manager of the property, there is 3 thousand sqm of leasable space. Other people who are interested in lease need to wait when someone resigns or lease space at .KTW II, which is being erected next to the investment; its commissioning is envisaged for the beginning of 2022.

.KTW I is a renowned office building; it's occupied by such companies as Fujitsu Global Delivery Center, mBank, Gastromall Group, City Handlowy, Teleperformance Poland, EY Poland, PubNub, or Świat Prasy. The group is now extended by a new company, Sii Poland, which plans to increase employment by 400 people (computer programmers) after relocation to a new office. It'll be a driving force for further growth. It’s easy to establish new interesting relations in such a differentiated and prestigious group.

Katowice is a city that constantly develops its office offer. Market saturation is still low. While comparing data concerning the demand for office space, it increased twice as much in 2019 in comparison to 2018. Although other investments will be commissioned soon, the vacancy rate still drops. At present, there are office buildings of total space amounting to ca. 100 thousand sqm under construction, twice as much are projected. The offer will be extended in the segment of office buildings class A (the highest standard).


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