ECO BREEAM for Mokotowska Square

Widok na Mokotowska Square
Widok na Mokotowska Square
A recently restored building in Warsaw by Mokotowska 49 has received a BREEAM certificate that confirms a high quality and ecological value of the materials used during the process of building.

The Yareal team has already received 4 prizes for an outstanding thoroughness of their work during the restoration of Mokotowska Square. The building accommodates 7 floors of office (8645 sq. meters )and commercial space (1286 sq. meters) and a presentable lobby. The last floor contains a luxury  terrace. To obtain a BREEAM certificate the building must meet certain standards. Eco friendliness of the materials used, the quality of the air inside the building, illumination, water and energy efficiency, the amount of waste produced and management are the qualities judged by BREEAM.

The chief of Yareal team Eric Dapoigny has insured the public about that the company obeys the rules of sustainable building. The strategy of the company is to customise its offer to the needs of its customers which turns into safety and an increased value of the investment.  The leading features of the company are high quality, reliability and attractiveness of the projects and concern about the customer’s content which are combined with knowledge and experience to provide a maximum of client’s satisfaction.

The most characteristic feature of the company is the ability of choosing the appropriate location and  rationalising the usable space, while maintaining flexibility, functionality and the highest level of quality. Another Yareal building - Renaissance by Mokotowska 19 was awarded a Construction&Investment Journal in Best Office Development category back in 2004.

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