There are only two free offices in Moktowska Square.

The picture shows Mokotowska Square
The picture shows Mokotowska Square
MDDP is moving into Moktowska Square at the end of the year. In Warsaw office block there are only 600 free square metres left.

During negotiations MDDP (Michalik Dłuska Dziedzic and Parnters) was represented by the company Wood Lark. The lease agreement has been concluded for the period of 5 years. MDDP has rented 1 500 square metres space. After this deal has been completed, there are only two free offices left, with 500 and 100 square metres space.


Mokotowska Square is located at Mokotowska street 49 in Warsaw. Since December 2011 Deka Immobilien GMBH fund has been the owner of the building. A property developer Yareal Polska is currently responsible for managing the property and leasing premises. In April this year the building was awarded BREEAM certificate.

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