ECO Skanska designs a new 'green' office building

Skanska Property Poland has begun working on a new project of an office building in Wroclaw. Skanska SA, that cooperates with Medusa Group, is responsible for the holistic designing job. It is estimated that working on the design will last about 12 months.

Similarly to all the other Skanska projects, the building is to be made in agreement with the rules of sustainalble development and it is to be certified with LEED in one of the highest levels. Thanks to innovative, energy efficient solutions we can offer the state of the art office spaces to Wroclaw's companies. It will, just as in Green Towers, bring high level of comfort combined with savings due to low costs of usage - said Marcin Lapinski, Regional Director of Skanska Property Poland.

We know that building located near to Plac Dominikanski is a very important matter for the citizens of Wroclaw therefore we will do whatever we can to make our building match the character of the surroundings. We are glad about a good cooperation with the authorities of Wroclaw and we are certain that it will help in creating the project in the way the local citizens will like it. It will become a showpiece of Wroclaw's business centre. - added Marcin Lapinski.

The latest investment of Skanska Property Poland is to be located in the corner of three streets: Piotra Skargi St., Kazimierza Wielkiego St. and Wierzbowa St. Two underground storeys and seven upper storeys are planned to be built. The overall area of the building is to be 35 000 sq. meters.

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