The construction of the tower in Plac Unii begins

Picture of the construction site in Plac Unii
Picture of the construction site in Plac Unii
A characteristic 90-meter tower, part of the Plac Unii office complex, is under constructions.

The construction of the tower in the Plac Unii complex started at the beginning of June. Building A will be 90 meters high, and will consist of 21 floors offering a total of 24 000 sq. m of floor space. Apart from the tower, the project includes the construction of two 7-storey buildings located next to Boya-Żeleńskiego and Puławska streets.

The number of workers in the construction site will be doubled in the near future (up to 600 people). Mariusz Dziubiński from Liebrecht & wood (the project’s major investor apart from BBI Development NFI S.A.): The construction of Plac Unii runs according to schedule. We didn’t experience any delays and we will still be keeping the fast working speed.

Warbud is the general constructor of the investment. Systematic lifting of cranes that are servicing the construction site is necessary throughout the construction. Two of them have already been lifted 5 m, and a third one 7,5 m. Tomasz Szopa from Warbud says: While building the floors from +3 to +22, that is up to the very roof of the tower, we will adopt the technology of self-climbing formwork based on Peri solutions.

Plac Unii is an investment consisting of three A+ class buildings that offer a total of 41 300 sq. m of office space. The office part of the complex obtained the BREEAM certification this May. Apart from the office part, Plac Unii is also a commercial center, which is currently commercialized in 65%.

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