Green solutions in Alchemia

Visualisation shows Alchemia complex
Visualisation shows Alchemia complex
Gdańsk office block Alchemia has been pre-certified in the LEED system. It was awarded the highest level grade - Platinum.

Alchemia is a modern complex located at the crossroads of Grunwaldzka alley and Kołobrzeska street, in a district of Gdańsk, Oliwa. The complex will eventually comprise 7 buildings of different nature. 6 buildings will fulfill the function of a common four-storey foundation and provide a place for additional services. The office space will be located in the towers erected on the common foundation.


Alchemia has been pre-certified in the LEED system with the Platinum grade, so there is a special focus on green issues. According to the plan, there should be 50 per cent savings in water and 26 per cent in energy. There will be no light pollution in Alchemia, that is to say: there will be no negative effect of lighting on the local environment at night. The location in the centre of the Gdańsk district enables the employees to use the public transport, which can help reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


As Maciej Brożek from Torus says (the property developer of Alchemia): We don't want our project to be considered in terms of the certificate confirming its green character; we want to show a certain attitude towards responsibility for what we do, what we create and for how it is later used.

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