CBRE is one of the best outsourcing companies

The consulting company CBRE has been awarded a place in the best five outsourcing companies in the world.


In the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) ranking 2012, CBRE was awarded the 4th place. The company is the first one operating in the real estate business which came as one of the best five companies in this ranking. In the process of creating the list, enterprises were assessed from the point of view of the level and growth of rates, credentials from clients, the range of competence and the  management ability.

According to Michael Corbett Executive Director of the Strategic Advisory Board, IAOP, CBRE embodies the perfection of outsourcing. For many years, outsourcing has been based not only on cost cuts. Nowadays, it means the introduction of innovative solutions for clients, the value of sustainable building industry and the use of the latest technologies in the partnership between organizations in a way that had been impossible before.

CBRE is a consulting company operating in the commercial real estate sector. The range of its activities includes, among others: business consulting within the scope of investment and renting, analytical, corporate and development services, or investment management services.

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