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Henryk Kwapisz, Saint - Gobain
Event organizers were expecting atendees of PLGBC Green Building Symposium
We know the winners of PLGBC AWARDS 2012 - in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw Green Building Symposium took place.

Workshops, presentations and case studies from a range of LEED-NC, LEED-CS, LEED-CI, BREEAM International, BREEAM in Use ended Green Building Symposium which took place in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. During the event we revealed prizewinners of PLGBC AWARDS 2012.

- We don't evaluate only an evironmental side. Jury consists of people connected with certifications, environmental engineering, specialists, consultants, engineers, architects. We hope that pro-ecological solutions and those distinctive environmental will stand out aesthethics and at the same time they will be more interesting - explains Rafał Schurma president of PLGBC

Green Building Symposium is official conference devoted to balance construction. Its organizer is Polish Building Green Council.

-Our symposium is aimed at many sectors - says Rafał Schurma president of PLGBC. - Firstly, we paid attention to legislation. Secondly, during the discussion within panels, we included presentation of certifications, materials and products, which was obviously addressed to structural manufacturers. In next panel we wanted to refer to multi-criteria certification, which we wanted to compare with world standards and also with those standards in Poland. We took all the people presented on the market of large-size building, connected with any trend in company, form a range of material producers or consultants, designers, architects, students connected with balance development.

During the Symposium part of the experts paid attention that this kind of meetings will lose it reasonableness, because green building will be so popular, that this kind of symposium will not bring antyhing new. However Rafał Schurma claims that:

-If the norm will be applied, it doesn't mean, that new thing will become very trendy. In my opinion, there won't be such situation, that blue is new green and from this moment green is no longer trendy, and something different gained popularity, which is not blue. Inevitable is this, that on the market we always will have things to do, not only certifications are developing, but also civil awareness. Constant criteria development, new challenges which are waiting for us and innovative technological solutions lead to specific perfections, and I'm convinced that there won't be such situation that we won't have anything to do. All solutions, which lead to green status for a building can be more permanent - says Rafał Schurma president of PLGBC.

Architects who were present at Green Building Symposium paid also attention to a various degree of interest among investors in green building.

-Different investors have different level of knowledge. Part of those, with whom we cooperate, inter alios Skanska, Echo they characterize with a high level, and there is an interest. Other companies want to catch up the knowledge level, however others think that certifications aren't necessary. However, the level of the knowledge is constantly increasing - says Marek Kuryłowicz from Kuryłowicz & Associates.

During Green Building Symposium PLGBC AWARDS 2012 were given. First edition of the competition promoting modern ecological solutions in building took place in 2010. In this year awards were given in eight categories.
Below we present categories and prizewinners.

1. The best ecological building with pre-certification (LEED, DGNB, BREEAM Interim Stage)

Complex of 7 multi-functional buildings ALCHEMIA in Gdańsk, (Pre-certification LEED C&S PLATINUM)
Award goes to investor : TORUS SP Z O.O. SP. K., designer: office APA Wojciechowski

2. The best accomplished ecological building without certification

Office building of the company FIS-SST in Gliwice, project: ZALEWSKI Architecture Group

3. The best ecological project

Zespół szkół in Marki, CJK ARCHITEKCI (arch. Maciej Chlebuś, arch. Wojciech Jasiński, arch Piotr Kuś, arch. Bohdan Słomski, Ludomir Duda)

Honour: Budynek Biurowy AQUARIUM in Gliwice, project: ZALEWSKI Architecture Group

4. The best student ecological project

Award: „Rewitalizacja terenów poprzemysłowych na cele zrównoważonego zespołu mieszkaniowego w Nottingham”, author: Agnieszka Oślak, promotor: dr inż. arch. Anna B

5. The best pre-ecological idea in the company - involvement in ecological building
Award: „Jasna szkoła – prosta sprawa!” Inicjatywa: Philips Lighting

6. „Green” Developer of the Year

Award: UBM Polska sp z o.o. (Poleczki Business Park - pre-certification LEED Gold, Alma Tower in Cracow seeking for certification LEED Gold/Platinum)

7. „Green” Architect of the Year

Award: APA Wojciechowski (Centrum Handlowe Quantum in Warsaw, Zespół budynków biurowych „The Park” in Warsaw, Centrum Handlowe in Wilanów, Business Garden Wrocław, Centrum Handlowe Factory Warszawa Annopol)

8. „Green” Product of the Year

Award: Cement TioCem® - Górażdże Cement S.A.
Award: System of underslung ceilings Coolzone - Armstrong

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