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Picture: Panel discussion on the costs and benefits of introduction of the innovative solutions, from left A. Jonas, E. Dubikowska, W. Kuc, A. Kuś, J. Rączka, K. Żmijewski
Warsaw. Participants of the second seminar Green office discussed the environmental and energy efficient buildings in Poland.

This past Thursday at the Copernicus Science Centre, fourth conference in the series "Innovative Poland" took place, under the patronage of the, in which there was the second symposium "Green office building".The meeting brought together individuals and companies interested in introducing eco-friendly solutions to Polish office real estate market, the bankers, financiers and representatives of the government and local authorities. There were architects, engineers, developers, investors and industry representatives interested in certification. 

- Our conferences are focused on innovative solutions. For now, we are dealing with construction, since it has the greatest potential for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions - said in an interview with the portal, Elżbieta Wrzecionkowska, The Warsaw Voice - Our first conference was devoted to the certification, which is a kind of jewel in Poland.Certificates set certain standards. We decided that another conference will be devoted to energy, because 2018 and 2020 are getting closer, when the European Union will impose, on local governments, as well as on all of us, the obligations on energy consumption. We talk about sustainable development, because the energy savings is just one of the elements of green buildings, and sustainable development is the quality of our environment, the buildings in which we work and live.  In fact people do not know what the ecological approach is about, hence our discussion about the rules, solutions and costs. 
In the first part of Thursday's meeting, the participants looked into the problem of construction in the context of energy efficiency.  During the conference, Prof. Krzysztof Żmijewski of the Warsaw University of Technology referred to the topic of passive construction and positive energy, and the country's role in promoting energy-efficient construction.This block was finished with a panel discussion during which the costs and benefits of introducing innovative solutions, and the rules and regulations supporting sustainable solutions were discussed. 
- Most of you in this room are not dealing with the issue of green building from the ideological, but from the market point of view.To put it very hard: I want to make money, however the citizenship awareness is extremely present, but considered in dialogue with the mirror. However, in the market dialogue, what counts are the issues that can be very accurately count - emphasized during the conference Andrzej Jonas, editor of The Warsaw Voice. 
The participants of the symposium tempted to assess, whether the sustainable building has more green lights on its way, or rather red. 
- There are very few of green color - says Edyta Dubikowska attorney from the law firm Squire Sanders. - In Germany, the favorable loans for green building are granted, it is not the case in Poland.In my work I do not see many green lights, but it is not so that I only see everything in red. Business is always business, which appears at the end of economic calculation that must be in plus. The lessor of a building has to convince tenants that it pays of, to rent premises in ecological building. The divergence of interests between landlord and tenants comes into play here. It is lessor that bears the increased costs and the tenant wants to pay less. In Poland, it is not popular, but in the UK there is a lot of green leases, when the lessor cooperates with tenant, because he knows that the he is functioning in the ecological building. 
The second part was devoted to green office buildings in Poland, the current situation of this segment of the real estate market was discussed and the most popular certificates and presents specific data on green office buildings in Poland were presented. Skanska Property Poland described their investments. There were also discussion about office - service complex Alchemy in Gdansk, which is trying to get the platinum LEED certification. Bank loans in the context of financing green offices were also mentioned,The second block was ended with discussion on the profitability of ecological solutions. 
Thursday's conference was held under the auspices of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. It was organized by the publishing house Warsaw Voice SA.


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