The market of managing commercial properties summed up

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On May 14, in Courtyard By Marriott Hotel in Warsaw II, Congress of Managers of Commercial Properties took place.

Over 150 people gathered together on May 14, 2013 in Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Warsaw in order to participate in II Congress of Commercial Properties Managers. The organizer of the event was Polski Instytut Rozwoju Rynku (Polish Board of Market's Developement)  thanks to which the specialists from widely understood property management had an opportunity to meet. The participants represented such sectors of commercial properties, as: office and storage spaces, commercial centers, large surface stores and industrial plants.

The Congress was a common ground for the exchange of opinions, experiences and knowledge about the brand. Thanks to exhibition part, the guests could get familiar with the wide offer of products and solutions that support the sector of managing properties. The event was also a perfect opportunity to make new contacts and relations.

The first attraction of the Congress was a lecture of an expert in modernization of passenger lifts in commercial buildings, who also mentioned the issues concerning a profitable service contract. The event also included the presentation about IT systems for a brand of commercial properties. The lecture provided the listeners with useful information about the design and architecture of the integrated IT system that supports the work of managers. The specialist in a field of ecological and durable roof coverings shared his knowledge about the isolation of roofs by the renovation through an innovative technology. A solicitor from a law firm spoke about selected practical topics in commercial lease contracts. A considerable interest was aroused by a lecture about optimalization of energetic expenses, including expenses of natural gas. Next talk related to an innovated ventillation technology against mould and unpleasant smells. During the Congress, a topic of a restitution of personal property  after fires and floods was also present. was a media patron of the event.

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