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The exhibition was visited by over 2000 people, photo by A. Błachut
The visitors had an amazing opportunity to familiarize themselves with Polish design, photo by A. Błachut
On June 15 and 16 in Cracow, Interior Festival - interior design ehxibition took place.

This year's edition of the Festival was really unique. For the first time, it was accompanied by Strefa: polski design (a sphere of Polish design), where Polish designers of lighting, furniture and other elements of interior decoration had a great opportunity to show their work. It was greeted with much enthusiasm and enabled people to see exceptional and interesting objects, which make space more distinctive. The visitors of Strefa had a chance to meet young and creative artists from The Academy of Fine Arts and see the projects that have been already presented e. g. on exhibition in Milan (Landor Polska), or Cologne (Design Studio Inside Lab).

The visitors had a chance to get familiar not only with the history of Polish pattern-designing, during the presentation of renovated classical furniture of the creators of MIEJSCE, but also with the re-interpretation of classical design of Vzór company, which presented the famous airmchair RM58 by Roman Modzelewski.

Exclusively for the Festival, the ehxibition was prepared by Fly with Art Foundation. The participants of this event was able to see the projects of such artists as: Emandes studio, Bogdan Kosak Malafor, N-cart, Skitsch and the artists associated with "21 collective", Maja Gralak, Magda Pińczycka and Tomasz Wójcik.

However, the exhibition offered even more than showing design and the elements of interior decoration. Kids could partcipate in creative workshops, the aim of which was to develop their passion for designing. Additionally, the participants had the opportunity to take part in open discussion panels. As a part of them, Alfred Marek from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design presented the exhibition iSaloni in Milan. On Saturday, during open meetings, architects were persuading that one should not be afraid of them. All visitors was able to take part in free consultation.

Over 60 companies presented their projects and ideas during the Festival.

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Maria :
Byłam na Festiwalu, naprawdę można się zainspirować. Podoba mi się polska strefa, powinniśmy promować naszych rodzimych twórców. Mamy do tego uzdolnienia, takie wielkie firmy jak Black Red White czy Vox są z Polski i produkują meble zdecydowanie ładniejsze i lepsze jakościowo niż chociażby IKEA
June 19, 2013 at 4:52 PM