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Workshops were conducted by Wojciech Borowski
Workshops were conducted by Wojciech Borowski
On May 16, workshops organized by Construction Marketing Group were held, which concerned the use of Mobile Applications in communication with the clients.

Constuction Marketing Group (CMG) invited people interested in the building industry to workshops, which concerned the use of Mobile Applications in communication with the clients. CMG associates people responsible for strategic marketing in companies of the building industry and commercial properties.

Both meetings and workshops organized by Construction Marketing Group, which is an enterprise initiated by us, aim to promote the latest knowledge and the best practice concerning strategic marketing and marketing communication. Moreover, they are a great opportunity to make new contacts and use brand networking - says Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek from Buro Happold, the owner of the group

Wojciech Borowski, the head of McCann Worldgroup Poland, who was acclaimed "The man of advertising" by Brief magazine in 2011 and  "Europe's man of a year" by Havas Worldwide agency in 2012, shared his experience during the workshops. In his speech, called „Mobile Aplications B2B in building industry and commercial properties”, he presented the latest trends in communication with a client.

He pointed out that the brands discussed do not realize the full potential of mobile applications, which are commonly used in USA, or China.

The participants of workshops were listening actively and asking questions. Among other topics, Wojciech Borowski discussed "How to persuade a building industry to act in a more innovative way?". At the time, he emphasized that it is essential to first meet a client and get to know his personal preferences concerning the use of modern communication tools. If a client is open to use the latest information carriers, the communication via mobile applications will be effective.

The important issue was also the expense of this form of advertising. Wojciech Borowski stressed that it is connected with big saving cost. What is also very significant is the fact that the market depends on constant developement and changing trends and even the building industry has to submit to it.

However, some sceptical people were also presented, yet they were partly convinced by the argument that mobile applications are also a good tool to accumulate data and analyze it.  On the other hand, Wojciech Borowski did not approve a complete resingation from traditional methods of communication with a client.

The conclusion of the meeting was the fact that mobile technologies will not oust traditional ways of promotion and advertising. The best solution is to combine all available tools.

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