Warsaw once again proves its leading position

Warsaw still has great potential for growth as a key regional business center. Photo - Michael Gniadek
Warsaw still has great potential for growth as a key regional business center. Photo - Michael Gniadek
In each sector the most markets, as many as 43 per cent. of funds was invested in office properties - according to a report presented at the EXPO REAL investment fairs in Munich "Winning in Growth Cities" by Cushman & Wakefield.

According to data presented at the Munich trade fair, London is still the largest investment market for office properties and hotels. Its strong position in Central - Eastern Europe once again was proved by Warsaw.

In terms of the total volume of investment transactions, Polish capital is the leader of this part of Europe, and took 49th place in the global ranking. Experts note that the Warsaw market ranks high, on 12 position in the category of cross-border investment. 
- Warsaw still has a great potential for growth as a key regional business center.Due to the relative resistance to the effects of the financial crisis, Polish capital is seen as a market with low risk - assesses David Hutchings, Director of European Research at Cushman & Wakefield.
The report, "Winning in Growth Cities" also noted that in terms of investment trends in the various sectors of the market most of the funds were invested in office properties (43 percent.), and in retail (20.8 percent.), housing (18.1 per cent .) storage (10.3 percent.) and hotels (7.2 percent.).The biggest investment market in the world for the second year in a row was New York, where in the 12 months, until the second quarter of 2012, the volume of investments in commercial real estate grew by 18.9 percent. to the level of 34.7 billion USD. The current situation in the market tends investors to invest in commercial real estate in major cities around the world (New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and Hong Kong). This trend will continue, but investors need to take into account the significant increase in competition from other cities. 
- In the past year, global cities were more and more successful in the field of investment and their popularity hierarchy in terms of investment has already been clearly defined.However, the order of the cities in the top positions of the statement indicates that for most investors the security of the investment is most important. This may change with the advent of the economic recovery. In our opinion, the order of the ranking will change due to the maturation of cities, the construction of high-quality real estate in emerging locations and tenants expansion into new markets - says Mr. Rufrano, president and CEO of Cushman & Wakefield.

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