Small projects in regional cities arouse interest

In the first half of 2014, Investment in the Polish market reported stable demand in every segment of commercial real estate.

Investors operating on the Polish market are increasingly interested in small projects located in regional cities. A large part of the transaction are assets sold as real estate portfolios (the trend is evident primarily in the real estate segment of logistics). In the case of office and retail properties, most often they have sold directly by developers, in opposition to the warehouse buildings, which have offered primarily on the secondary market.

Experts DTZ show an increase in trading activity among smaller projects located in regional cities. This is a change from previous years, when there was a clear strong dominance of larger properties. A growing number of smaller transactions that relate to properties located primarily in regional cities shows that Polish investment market matures - emphasizes Craig Maguire, Director of the Capital Markets at DTZ. Taking into account the current and future transactions closed, we believe that their value in 2014 will be similar or slightly higher than in the previous year - he adds.

The most active investors in the Polish investment market in the first half of this year were, as in previous years, foreign investors. There was also a rise in the presence of the Polish capital. The largest investors are foreign investment funds, as well as some opportunistic funds. The latter represent short-term investment strategies, searching for assets with higher risk, but potentially higher rate of return. It is these entities are responsible for the most significant part of the volume of transactions in the second quarter of 2014.

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