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33 percent of Polish employers have trouble finding a worker in the world, this result is 36 percent - Demonstrates the ninth edition of the ManpowerGroup "talent shortage". This is the highest score for seven years.

In Poland, as in Europe, is running out specialists. The most acute is the lack of skilled workers and engineers. Quick supplement these deficiencies is crucial for investment and future re-industrialization in Poland - confirms PAIiIZ President Sławomir Majman.

According to the report, the biggest problem with finding employees to companies operating in Japan (81 percent), Peru (67 percent) and India (64 percent). The least frequently complain of him, in turn, Irish, Spanish and Dutch. In Poland, the figure is 33 percent, which is slightly lower than the global average (36 percent).


Not enough engineers and workers ...


In our market the most difficult to find qualified workers, engineers, production operators, executives. Sale, as well as drivers. Demand is also growing for IT staff and sales representatives. Every third employer in the world and until every second in Poland believes that the problem with finding the most talented employees lies in the lack of technical skills.




More than half of the respondents, both in Poland and globally, says that the problem of finding workers also affects the ability to provide services. The shortage of talent in the company involves in addition to the loss of competitiveness and productivity (40 percent around the world, 24 percent in Poland) and increased staff turnover (27 percent in global scale, 34 percent in Poland).


Finding solutions


Less than half of the surveyed companies globally and every third employer in Poland, the problem of finding suitable employees trying to solve by implementing new HR practices - leads additional training, ensuring that the possibility of the development of current employees. In Poland, the most popular strategy is the implementation of new working methods (31 percent). Unfortunately, almost as many respondents did not decide to implement any strategy.

The authors emphasize that the reduction in labor shortages often depends on an efficient HR department with qualified professionals who know the market. The role of HR departments should be essential in building the strategy throughout the organization. Only long-term personnel policy to ensure access to needed skills at every stage of business development - says Iwona Janas, ManpowerGroup in Poland.

The study involved 37,000 employees in 42 countries. Full report in PDF below.


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