Modern commercial services are developing in Poznań

Pro Progressio foundation summarized the first six months of 2014 on the investment market in Poznań sector of modern commercial services.

Foreign investors of such sectors as: BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), R&D (Research and Development industry), SSC (Shared Services Centre) and Call/Contact Centre, establish and develop operational centers in the capital city of Greater Poland more willingly – according to Focus on Poznań report.


The modern commercial services activity is being carried out by 50 companies in Poznań, including 6 companies and organizations of BPO sector (two more than last year). Pro Progressio foundation also recorded an increase of the number of Shared Services Centers from 18 in February 2014 to 22 in July 2014. In the last six months in Greater Poland, companies and organizations which are owned by American investors grew in number (from 11 in February to 15 at the present time) as well as investments of the native market (from 5 to 7). Headquarters in Poznań are willingly established by Germans, British, French citizens, Japanese and Dutch.


What attracts investors to Poznań?


There are over 102 000 companies functioning in Poznań altogether. There are 306 200 sq. m of existing office space class A and B to their disposition in complexes like: Globis Wrocław Office Centre (13 200 sq. m), Andersia Tower (10 500 sq. m), Andersia Business Centre (11 600 sq. m), Pixel (Klaster Grunwaldzka – 14 600 sq. m) or Malta House (15 700 sq. m). Currently, 69 800 sq. m of office space are in the construction process (for instance Noble Tower buildings – 4000 sq. m and Business Garden – 40 990 sq. m) and planned office space class A and B envisaged for the end of 2017 will have 105 500 sq. m. The average rents in the buildings class A total ca. 13 euro for a sq. m per month.


Companies functioning in Poznań receive support by several dozen companies, which may have an impact on economic growth of the city and whole Greater Poland (i.a. Poznań Science and Technology Park, Poznań University of Technology Centre for Innovative Development and Technology Transfer, Wielkopolska Chamber of Construction in Poznań, Greater Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers in Poznań or Adam Mickiewicz University Centre for Innovations and Technology Transfer).


Additionally, a developing infrastructure has an impact on the attractiveness of Poznań, i.a. a A2 highway running through it, airport and good railway connections with Warsaw and capital cities of western countries. The WorkGate Poznań event is also significant. It is aimed at popularization of modern commercial services sector among students and 40 000 alumni who annually graduate Poznań universities.


Full version of the report in PDF is below.

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